Caring for the Earth:Learning Through Literacy In 2nd Grade Ms. Mayfield's Themed Literature Unit


Rationale for this Unit:

This unit will enhance students’ conceptual understanding of caring for the Earth by providing opportunities to build self-efficacy and empowering students to become actively responsible to care for the environment. Through exploring and reflecting on ways they and others can and should be good stewards of the world around them, students will practice skills and strategies to be independent, confident, capable, and motivated readers and writers. The literature used in this unit demonstrates characters actively working to, ways students can, and why one should care for the Earth. Students are able to reflect through their writing and cooperative learning in order to demonstrate an understanding of why this theme is important to them. The ethical issues related to this lesson lie in the idea that we are all able and, therefore, responsible to actively care for the Earth in order to sustain it for future generations and ourselves. Students can engage with the theme as it becomes more meaningful to them in their everyday life.


Play some fun games about caring for the Earth at: